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Nicola Harrington

Yesterday morning I woke up very early.

Mark had just finished installing some additional kitchen units in La Maison Rouge, and had extended the tiling, so with new guests arriving today, I set off to clean up the sawdust and to take the excess grout off the tiles.

The sky was clear and the moon was lighting up the countryside, as I left Reminiac. The mist over the fields looked beautiful. Then, by the side of the road, were three deer…. just standing there, looking at me…

Imagine, the full moon, the rising mist and the three deer… I slowed down, they turned and ran across the fields.

I was still marvelling at the beautiful early morning countryside when I entered the small village of Caro.

As I did, the street light ahead of me came on, then the next light. As I drove, each street light turned on, a cascading effect.

Were there sensors on the street lights to come on only if a car passed, or had I luckily arrived at Caro at the exact moment that the time switch activated the street lights?

Either way, the journey to La Maison Rouge was truly magical!

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