Nicola Harrington - guest blogger living in France with 7 holiday rental gites

Nicola Harrington

We have just returned from our second meeting with Mme Dargery at the government offices in Vannes,

and hopefully, we are a little closer to completing our application with the aim of getting French Nationality.

In this meeting, Mme Dargery was keen to explore how we had integrated into French life.

She asked lots of probing questions, and wrote reams, none of which I could read upside down!

We left with another list of documents that we need to provide before our dossier can be sent to the ‘Minister’ in Paris.

We were told that the decisions are made a lot quicker now and that once our dossier leaves Vannes for Paris, we should receive a decision within a year!

Thankfully, when we started this exercise, we were under no illusions that this process would be quick or easy.

Please help us!

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