This past week has been absolutely glorious… and so hot hot hot…

Wednesday, at 7 am, over breakfast, while Mark waits for his poached egg, he suddenly says:

“It’s going to be another hot day today, shall we go on a day trip to the beach in Damgan? There aren’t going to be many more glorious days like this, this year”

A day trip to the beach 1
Damgan beach, today

I am stunned and splutter: “On a Wednesday… are you sure? The children have got lots of homework to do and I was planning to re-varnish the bathroom floor”.

I’m really not good with spontaneity. In fact, I just DON’T DO spur of the moment stuff! It’s not in my vocabulary. I find it stressful and just can’t cope. In fact, my weeks are all planned meticulously with no room for surprises.

My heart starts pounding and my ears start ringing. “We just CAN’T go to the beach”.

“‘Why not?” Mark replies, “there isn’t any school today and surely the bathroom floor can wait”. He is such a relaxed person, nothing phases him and he certainly is one for seizing the moment, the total opposite of me.

Then, as expected, the children plead and the dog starts to go mental as she realises that this is no ordinary Wednesday morning. There might just be a treat in store for her, she can sense it!

Against my better judgment, I give in and by some sort of miracle, by 10 am the homework has been somewhat raced through and we are on the way to the beach.

I have to be honest: I was wrong! We had the most fantastic day… the sea was so warm… almost hot.

At Damgan, we searched for crabs in the rock pools, saw eels in the water, enjoyed mussels for lunch, swam in the sea, and ate ice creams mid-afternoon… who could ask for more on the last Wednesday in September? Surely it beats varnishing the bathroom floor! Maybe I should try letting a bit of spontaneity into my life in future. Autumn and winter are long enough, there will be plenty of time for boring, mundane stuff. In conclusion, no regrets. Thank you, Mark!

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