Green combi van on road What a busy week we have just had! We’ve just taken over our first lot of “stuff” in our van. The main move is being handled by a professional removal company, but we seem to have so many “bits”. It’s amazing what you can fit into a Transit Connect van – a big kitchen dresser, an extendable kitchen table, swings, replacement trampoline padding, two full-size bedroom carpets, and a huge rug for the living room, along with lots of paint, books and other paraphernalia! We’ve replaced two of the bedroom carpets and done quite a lot of painting in the bedrooms and kitchen: after 5 years of various holidays, it was beginning to look a bit jaded! Managed to get some gardening done too as the grass had taken a stretch. The drive belt for the ride-on lawnmower snapped though, so that now needs replacing!

I’ve also started the process of sorting out the school for the children. At one stage I had hoped they might get into our village school in CM2 (2nd year of Cours Moyen), but the Head was worried that as they are already 11, they may be too old, so we took a trip down to Josselin and visited Collège Max Jacob, where they were very helpful, so it looks as though they will be starting in the sixième year in September. I’ve also decided that I am going to run some small group French lessons for kids in August at my house, which will give Megan and Luke the chance to meet other children and also help them and others to prepare for school, as the language is, without doubt, going to be their biggest challenge!

My husband and I also went with some friends to a Franglais session in Ploermel this week, which was really good, and also managed a couple of Vide Greniers too! This is the life!

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