This past week has been pretty showery. Thankfully, most of the days are dry. Yesterday the rain started at 4 pm, but if there is a showery day during your stay in Brittany I have the perfect solution!

An afternoon at Voyajoueurs, Monteneuf

Games at Voyajoueurs, Monteneuf

Games at Voyajoueurs, Monteneuf

Just five minutes away on the edge of the forest of Monteneuf is a building crammed with over 400 games from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

There are cards to play, dice to roll, marbles to shoot, pins to bowl, tops to spin, words to find, pawns to move, games to win! There are games of strategy, skill, ambiance, thinking, speed, and reflexes.

Monteneuf, Guer - over 400 games

Monteneuf, Guer – over 400 games

It is a fantastic place and it really is suitable for all ages: there are games specifically for very young children and others requiring huge levels of skill and patience.

There is one drawback… there are no computers or screens at Voyajoueurs! But I have been told by previous guests with teenage children that even without computer games, it is cool.

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