Red 2CV in France

The Happy Car

After two days of trawling through the phone book, I have found a MOT garage that will carry out a contrôle technique without a certificat de conformité.

The 2CV is booked in for tomorrow… but first I must repair the rearview mirror… it has just fallen off!

Well, it transpires after much searching that I can get a certificat de conformité on the internet. It is more expensive, but at least I won’t have to provide reams of documents which probably won’t be acceptable (am I getting a little jaded with French bureaucracy?).

Another doubt in my mind: will a certificat de conformité issued by a third party, ie. not by Citroën, be accepted by the préfecture (government offices) when I go and ask for the carte grise (vehicle registration documents)?

First things first… mend the rearview mirror…

Please help us!

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