Red 2CV in France

The Happy Car

Whoa… I have just passed another 2CV coming back from Malestroit… and the driver waved. I am now part of a secret club!

I have a theory: if everyone drove 2CVs, there wouldn’t be any road rage. There are many reasons for this:

1. As soon as anyone sees or gets inside a 2CV, a ‘happy hormone’ is released, and you can’t help but smile. Now, whether this smile is due to sheer happiness or due to the utterly ridiculous nature of the 2CV, I can’t be sure.

2. 2CVs just don’t do speed. Therefore, overtaking is totally out of the question, which is probably just as well as the brakes take time to respond…  we are talking minutes here, not seconds.

3. Now, if you combine the ‘2CV happy hormone’ with the complete lack of speed, the result is a slow enjoyable driving experience.

I am now about to try and import this jolly car.

« Chez Citroën » is a good place to start. I shall go to Ploërmel after the 15km warm-up cycle ride this afternoon.

Please help us!

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