Here comes Winter

Brittany and Pays de la Loire blogging site Well, what a shocking end to November and start to December with the wintry weather that has hit the region. I hope that this is not a portent for the rest of the season and that it will get milder from here. We were in France earlier in November and, whilst it was just about the wettest 2 weeks we can remember spending there, at least we missed this cold snap. The house is now closed up and secure, with the heating on hors-gel, until we go back in January.

We had another great batch of guest blogger posts during November, with good contributions from Nicola, Philippa, and Stephanie, as well as a few from myself.

Interestingly, we have achieved the No.1 position in Google’s ‘bad holiday websites’. The article that is generating this traffic is one that I posted in mid-October entitled Holiday Rentals – looking forward to 2011, and, whilst I’m happy to get the traffic I’m rather surprised that this search term has achieved the exalted top spot in Google as it isn’t even about bad holiday websites. I know a bit about SEO and so have my own thoughts on how this has happened, but why do you think it has? I may write an article on this and post a link to it on the site later this month if there is interest.

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Until next time, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2011…

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