What a place to live—–just been for a superb walk around a large lake near Hede which also boasts 11 locks on the canal and Emmaus, great for second hand furniture (especially if you like C18th+) It is a charity started by l’Abbe Pierre. Lots of junk too.

Where are all the dog walkers-in England it would be packed especially with Crufts, our vet hadn’t even heard of it!

Back to our gites and numerous pet animals, some brought over from England 5 years ago—we did it inspite of DEFRA (don’t give up)!

What to do with our Kune Kune who has a fractured shoulder and cannot walk?

Should we buy an Alpaca, are they easy to look after?

Must get the two mini shetlands in tonight,trying to break Cindra into being happy with a saddle-any advice welcome.

My final thought is why do French families so often holiday near to home!

Please help us!

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