1930s Brittany was a captivating region filled with scenic beauty and cultural richness. From the enchanting coastal town of St Malo to the historic city of Vannes, this video provides a delightful journey through the heart of Brittany in 1936. It offers a unique perspective on the region’s tourism, religious gatherings, bustling fishing industry, and proud sailing heritage. Witness the vibrant life of Breton communities during the interwar period and immerse yourself in the charm of this remarkable era.

A compelling 18-minute video, in English, working through Brittany in 1936, from St Malo down to Saint Nazaire (which was still part of Brittany until the early 1960s), stopping at Concarneau, Carnac, St. Anne d’Auray, Vannes, and a few other places in between.

Covering tourism, religious gatherings, the Breton fishing industry (with fishermen at Concarneau or Douarnenez, which was the largest sardine fishery in France at the time, landing large quantities of what look like tuna), and sailing history, this is an excellent glimpse into Breton life between the Great Wars.

This 1936 travelogue showcases the villages, historic landmarks, and coastal views of Brittany, a province in France. It includes scenes of village streets, maritime harbors, landscapes, and sea panoramas, offering a vivid glimpse of French and Breton cultural elements. This includes women adorned in coiffe headdresses, Bigouden caps, and traditional European attire. Scenes of leisure feature people lounging on the beach and tourists exploring the area. The documentary also captures women engaged in knitting and crocheting activities. It highlights religious aspects through cathedrals, ceremonies, and various calvaries and ossuaries. A significant portion is dedicated to Mont Saint Michel, documenting tourists, the making of Madame Poulard omelets, and the dramatic high tides enveloping the islet. Originally shot on 35mm nitrate film, this footage provides a comprehensive view of the region and its customs.

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